Ina Morata – Author Highlight

I want to take this time to highlight a fellow writer/blogger, Ina Morata.  She is a very talented writer, as well as a wonderful friend, who also happens to be my co-conspirator in the upcoming Halloween Writing Event.  I appreciate all the help, support, and encouragement, she has given in getting the event setup and running.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, I recommend going to her site “Ina Morata” and showing her some love.

Ina has written, and published, her own stand-alone novel “The Coming of Eve (Book 1 in the Eden Collection)“.  She has also participated in two anthologies, “Lust on the Wing” and “Lust in Tooth and Claw”, which are both part of  “The Lust Anthologies“.  (Speaking of which, I am behind on writing my reviews of both anthologies…but, that seems to be the case for most things these days!)  In addition to those already mentioned, Ina has other stand-alone projects in the works, as well as more anthology contributions.

Ina’s character “Eleanor”, who is featured in her novella “Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith” (a part of the “Lust in Tooth and Claw” anthology), is currently in “The Battle of the Beasts” competition on “Paranormal Romance Lovers“.  Please take the time to visit the site, and show Ina some support for her character/novella.  And, if you haven’t had a chance yet…get your hands on those anthologies, as well as “The Coming of Eve”, you won’t regret it!

The details for “The Battle of the Beasts” competition is below:


“Battle of the Beasts, Week 3”


AC Elliott



9 thoughts on “Ina Morata – Author Highlight

  1. Goodness! I’ll let you know if I ever stop blushing… Thank you so much for your lovely post! I did NOT expect such a write-up! It’s my absolute pleasure and delight to support you with your Hallowe’en event, and I’m quite simply stunned by what you have written here.

    If Eleanor scrapes her way off the bottom spot and stays there, I’ll be happy! 😊

    Erm…I’d better get on with my Hallowe’en story, or I’ll end up in trouble…!

    Liked by 1 person

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